VIDEO: Technology is Powering the Future of Retail

At the Mobile World Congress, it’s always fun to keep an eye out for the unexpected. Fulton Innovation has come up with some truly eye-catching wireless technology that should make retailers take notice.


Fulton Innovation is the creator of eCoupled intelligent wireless power. At the Pepcom MobileFocus Global event, an offsite event held during Mobile World Congress, they showed off the latest in wireless power integration in packaging by showing product packaging that lights-up and flashes once placed on an eCoupled-enabled store shelf.

The wireless power circuit is printed directly on the box using conductive inks. As Director of Innovation Dave Baarman explained to me, it’s like a six-colour printing process with four used for regular colours and two reserved for printing the wireless power circuit. Here’s my video interview with Dave and demo of their technology:

Wireless power is about more than just charging the latest in mobile phones and other gadgets. With eCoupled, information and data can also be transmitted through the technology’s unique design and flexibility to work on various surfaces, including glass, wood, and plastic.  Fulton has the ability to charge everything from low power to high power technologies, such as the Tesla electric vehicle which it recently showcased at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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    Everything becomes wireless these days, but seriously these invisible static waves are not good for our health…

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